UDL Exchange Feature Guide

The Exchange Feature Guide provides information to get started and learn how to use UDL Exchange most effectively. Use the links below to go directly to selected sections. Browse this area to get an overview and tips on how to use the many features in UDL Exchange.

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Getting Started

  1. Create an Account / Sign In
    1. Click on the "Create an Account" link and fill out all required information. A verification e-mail with your username and password will be sent from CAST Accounts to the specified e-mail address.
    2. Click "Sign In" at the top right corner to log in with your registered user account.
  2. Go to "Browse" tab to find UDL items for UDL practices "Discover" tab image in the menu
    1. Enter a search term for quick results.
    2. Search panel image Filter results by:
      • Item Format (Collections/Lessons/Resources)
      • My Highlighted Items (CAST Featured/Recommended to me/My Favorites)
      • Content Area
      • Grade Level
      • Common Core State Standards
      • Purpose
      • Media
  3. Go to "Build" tab to create new or remix items for UDL practices "Build" tab image in the menu Button images to create a new item
    1. Select a button of the item you want to create.
    2. Click the pencil icon Pencil icon image to enter and edit information.
    3. Fill out information and click "Save."
    4. Once you create a new Lesson, Resource, or Collection you can:
      • Attach files or add UDL Exchange items.
      • Align with Common Core State Standards.
      • Share what you created with other educators.

Three types of UDL Exchange Items

UDL Resources

Materials such as websites, documents, images, presentations, audio, video, etc. that support implementation of UDL.

UDL Lessons

Lesson plans that address the variability of all learners through the application of UDL.

UDL Collections

Sets of resources/lessons organized around a theme to support UDL practices.

Exchange Tools

  • Add icon Add To

    Add and organize UDL Resources to your UDL Lessons and Collections. You can also add UDL Lessons to your Collections.

  • Recommend icon Recommend

    Recommend UDL items to your colleagues or to everyone in UDL Exchange ­ a link will be sent to their email addresses and will appear in UDL Exchange notifications.

  • Remix icon Remix

    Remixing allows you to create a copy of an item and repurpose it to fit your needs. Make changes in the contents, rearrange items, or update the descriptions as you need.

  • Share icon Share

    Share your work with other educators or colleagues. Until you share items, they are kept in your workspace as private.

    • "Can Edit" permission allows your collaborators to co-author the item.
    • "Can View" permission allows your collaborators just to read the item.
    • "Can Remix" permission allows anyone in the UDL Exchange community to create his/her own copy of your item.
  • Favorite icon (marked and unmarked) Favorite

    Mark your favorite items so that you can find them quickly in the list by filtering for them. You can always un-favorite them later.

Helpful Features

  • Activity Notification

    See activity about what's happening with your UDL Exchange items.

    Screenshot of image notifications
  • Open button for downloading UDL items

    This button appears with a media type icon for the attached file. Click it to download.

    Screenshot images of 'open' button and media type indication of downloadable UDL items
  • Additional Information

    Click 'i' icon next to each header to find more information about it.

    Screenshot image of expanded tooltip for addditional information
  • Comment

    Leave a comment about UDL items created by others! Add your reflections or questions to share.

    Screenshot image of comments area